Junkyard – Voicerecording

For Junkyard I wanted to have very good english voices.
Casting Director Rose Wicksteed (CSA) was enthousiastic about Junkyard and decided to find them for me. She had just finished 9 months of casting for Martin Scorsese’s Hugo.
When we were sure about the actors, I flew to London to record the voices at the Sound Company. Dave Peacock directed the voices of Mark Bazeley (Bourne Ultimatum), Kellie Bright (Ali G in da House), Brian Croucher (Bottom), and young actors Ryan Watson, Sean Bailey, Sam Ewen, Jodie Smith, Harvey Torn and Reece Buttery.

Actor Brian Croucher having loads of fundoing the voice of the Bastard in the Caravn for JUNKYARD.
Actor Brian Croucher having loads of fun doing the voice of the “Bastard in the Caravan” for JUNKYARD.

Ryan Watson doing PAUL’s voice for Junkyard.