Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

Hisko Hulsing Studio made classical animated sequences for Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, the highly anticipated HBO/Universal Pictures film by Brett Morgen.

After American and International premieres at the Sundance Film Festival, Berlinale and SXSW, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck will be released in theaters all over the world by Universal Pictures.  HBO will broadcast the film on 4 may 2015.

Hisko Hulsing’s crew made 6000 drawings. Hisko Hulsing made 55 large oilpaintings on canvas that serve as backgrounds for the animation.

The complete creditlist for these two sequences called Aberdeen and Olympia :


Animation Design and Background Paintings by Hisko Hulsing


Paul Schwarz

Marlyn Spaaij

Jan-Jaap Schraverus

Marcel Tigchelaar

Peter Wassink

Stefan Vermeulen


3d character models

Ronald van Vemden


Flower Animation

Joseph Gilland


3d Animation

Polder Animation


Coloring and Shadow Animation

Merel van den Broek

Nicole Derksen

Mark Bastiaan

Rogier Henkelman

Stein Louisse

Florian Walraven

Yngwie Boley



Chris Eimers-Mouw

Michiel Snijders

Thierry Paalman 


Reference Shoot


Martijn Verlind                 



Marloes Liebrand


Reference Actors

Sebastiaan Albers

Valentijn  Bannier

Calvin Bootsman

Linde Notmeijer

Aswin Sijm

Philip van der Steen

Stan Visser