JUNKYARD wins AUDIENCE AWARD at Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival reports a Heavy Award Shower!
sat 10 November 00:00

Victory for the Low Countries: Oh Willy… wins the KLIK! Award for Best Animated
Short and Junkyard wins the Amsterdam Audience Award!

On Saturday the 10th of November, the Animated Short competitions at the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival peaked with the award ceremony. De two professional juries awarded five prizes for each competition and the KLIK!
crowd crowned the winner of the Amsterdam Audience Award. The festival has experienced a very successful fifth edition with record attendance numbers and special guests such as Nathan Cash, Creative Director of Adventure Time and Brian Dunphy, South Park expert extraordinaire.

Amsterdam Audience Award
The KLIK! visitors have selected Junkyard by Hisko Hulsing as the winner of the Amsterdam Audience Award. Junkyard won the
award after a close race with Oh Willy…

KLIK! Amsterdam Audience Award
Junkyard, Hisko Hulsing, The Netherlands, 2012

KLIK! Award for Best Animated Short
Oh Willy…, Emma de Swaef & Marc James Roels, Belgium, The Netherlands, 2012

KLIK! Award for Best Animated Student Short

Bottle, Kristen Lepore, Calarts, United States, 2012

Honorable mention
Space Stallions, Thorvaldur Gunnarsson, The Animation Workshop, Denmark, 2012

KLIK! Nintendo Award for Best 3-D Stereoscopic Animated Short
Luigis’ Pizzaride, Florian Werzinski, Germany, Italy, 2011

KLIK! Award for Best Commissioned Animation
Metamorphosis, Buck, Good Books, United States, 2012

KLIK! Award for Best Political Animated Shorts

Natasha, Roman Klochkov, Belgium, 2012

Honorable mention
Farmer Jack, Arjan Wilschut, The Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, 2012